Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting back on that horse again and again.... and oops I fell of again

It happens regularly. I burn out. I loose my temper and I get stuck on details and forget the big picture.
Is there a remedy for this?
I loose myself in a stupid temper tantrum fit for a three year old.
There is nothing to do but get a grip and get back on track again. Forgive myself, undo the damage and start over.
Tomorrow is another day and the afternoon is inviting.
Breathing time.
Personal space.
Funny.. whenever someone asks me if I am taking care of myself and having some me time I get an urge to punch them in the face.
I know, it is not a nice urge.
It is not a nice thought.
The worst thing is they are right. That alone is of course a good reason to punch people.
It does not benefit my son or let alone the rest of the family if I am removed in a strait jacket.
So here I am breathing. I am not working on anything for the rest of the day and I am off to the blue lagoon.
Oh well.. we are all going.
The whole happy bunch mom, dad and five kids. We will leave the cat though

Not a care in the world...
We have got coupons...

That smoke in the distance is me cooling off.


  1. really its very very important the me time
    though I feel similarly angry when someone ( well wishing and wise ) asks me to do this

  2. It is good to be angry sometimes. Anger is a way out of despair. We have a good reason to feel that. So anger sometimes gives us that bust of energy we need to move to a better place emotionally. And if you do not stay in it for for too long, anger can be a great helper.

  3. That looks beautiful!

    I also boiled when people asked me if I was taking care of myself - I thought "REALLY? I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF ALREADY?"

    There's just something about people asking.

  4. I love that.
    "As if I have not already enough to take care of!"
    Ha ha, it is better than punching. More socially acceptable. :)