Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Autism is everywhere

On saturday there was a festival at my sons school. First the kids tidy their surroundings and then they have a party. Nice, only we skipped the cleaning part and just had a party. Even nicer. Sturla and I had hours to catch up on, no time to tidy up in the school yard.
We went for the hot dogs and jumping.
He saw a little boy and pushed him around, I missed the actual pushing but became aware that somthing was not right as the father was upset and shocked by this unruly child. Now that Sturla has increased interest in other kids we get into more conflicts.
I made excuses for my son and felt compelled to explain the reason for his inappropriate behaviour. The father looked at me astounded and said. My son has autism too.
His son was diagnosed a week ago.
Monday there was a little celebration in my eight year old sons class. One of the mothers sat beside me and it turns out she works with autistic children.
Her daughter has low muscle tone and some delays and kind of obsessive behaviours she will be diagnosed later this week.
Everywhere I turn something turns up.
I went for a job interview. We knew each other form before my new boss and I so we chatted far and wide. Her son has ADHD, so does my eldest. ADHD and autism are related disorders.
I am getting paranoid.
Any one heard of grashopper effect.
The thing is, apparently all the chemicals in the world slowly end up near the ice caps at the poles. They move, rise with heat and travel and then settle down again in colder atmospheres.
I am scaring myself witless.
33 children in Reykjavík alone have been diagnosed with autism since january.
Gosh, we must be getting terribly good at this diagnosing business.
I thought a lot about this few months ago and then decided to let it go it is far to time consuming, and burns up to much energy to worry about the environment in this fashion.
But its creeps back.
We can have a whole new twist on the mercury autism theory with grasshopper effect, we do not even have to say the word vaccines.
I find it really hard to let go thinking about this.


  1. This is very scary. I have many friends in a facebook group who all have children with autism, but I have not started stumbling across people yet. Now that the weather is getting better I know it will start happening and I too will probably be surprised, like you. Jen

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, it is lovely to hear from you and meet another Mum to share experiences and information:)