Thursday, February 18, 2010


The days are getting longer. There was a grey shimmer of light as we got into the car this morning at eight thirty. The garden is full of ravens, they come to town when the cold increases. I met a pack of geese strolling to the next supermarket as I dropped Sturla off to play school. An absurd gathering in the middle of traffick. The orcidea my grandmother gave me for my birthday is blossoming. I look forward to the summer for the first time in two years. For all this time I have wanted to stop time. Please all of you just wait, my son you see has to catch up.
Now the cold winter sun exposes my bad housekeeping and I feel happy.

This is our curriculum at the moment.

Categories: We are practising longer sentences, word recollection and categorising. This is a car, car is a vehicle. And then we are over and out for something else.

First last. Recollection. take this and then that what did you take first? what did you take last.

Statement statement and question is almost done. We need a little practise in answering with more determination and then we are moving over to simple games with peers.
He got porridge this morning. And asked me, do you like porridge. So obviously straight from his curriculum but generalising immediatly.

Forms. Learning names of different form. He has no trouble matching them. Visual strength and all that. Then we go over to letters and numbers.

Things that go together. That was a new idea to him at first. That there is something matchable with feet and socks and a shovel and a bucket et cetere.

Opposites. It was a nice surprise that he already knew so many adjectives. Then there are some that he confuses. Catch and throw for example. we need to keep it age appropriate and relevant to his surroundings.

Pronouns. We are still dooing it simple. What do I have. YOU HAVE....

Drawing. To increase his skills and i really really want to watch him sitting with his brothers at the living room table drawing and showing me. Just like them.

Counting was finished quickly. we stalled a bit teaching him to stop at the right place. When someone says count to three it means to three, not ten and so.

What is for... When he understood what we meant by this, we were almost immediatly able to move over to the spoken version of this program.

I know I am overly optimistic living in Iceland and imagining spring in february. But Today I just cannot help it.

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