Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raving mad snowstorm

That settles it there is no spring for a long time yet. New challenges unfold with every step forward, new stims. New things to learn. New this and new that. Still it is so much better than standing still.
I am not much of a buddhist, aceptance, live in the moment kind of person right now.
Will it be my fault? If we do not succeed.
What is success?
In one way it is truly all about beeing happy and accepting, but on the other hand it is also about work, achievments intellectual growth catching up with peers. Doing everything right. The right therapie and doing that right as well, high quality, massive quantity. Fitting it all neatly around that individual child with those individual needs, respect and cherish. Remembering that I am his mother as well as his teacher.
Is this Bettelheims ghost?
Booing on my window from his grave.

Guilt is a delicate plant.
Water it twice a day.

I think I should go outside and scream a little bit up against the storm.


  1. Porgerdur - I soooo hear you - its like we have the exact same thoughts
    what a monster Bettelheim was - no?
    You know in "The lovely life" Vicki Forman wrote that mums believe( wrongly ) that they could prevent anything bad from happening to their child if only they paid enough attention
    of course the corollary is that if something bad happened - we had not been paying attention
    This findamental belief that we mums have is of course wrong
    But this is why Bettelheim was so diabolical and horrible

  2. porgerdur - I was thinking of you and actually dreamt of Iceland last night - it sounds so beautiful and different and fascinating
    I went on the website and it just sounds so charming
    Please post some pictures someday of what your kiddos loook like - what do icelanders eat

  3. I have the same feeling about India. I really enjoyed reading of your trip there.
    I´ll see what I can do about pictures. I have not quite gotten the hang of practical blogging features or computer skills for that matter.
    Hmmm, what do we eat.We had fish in curry for dinner. Lamb and fish is very traditional. But traditional Icelandic cuisine is mostly about preserving drying pickling and salting.
    My kids mostly ask for pizza.

  4. Most interesting
    I really enjoy your blog and wish you would write more
    Of course parenting 5 kids must be a lot of work and not leave you with enough time