Friday, February 12, 2010

Learning from others

This morning I and T went to look at the Aba program delivered in another playschool . We came back brimming with excitement and new ideas. The little boy that was working with his therapist was three months younger than Sturla and a total chatterbox. A year ago he had hardly any words and spun in circles. Just like my Sturla. He has been in therapie for a year now and was doing so great. Commenting asking questions, being cute and using all means to control the situation with his charm. The therapist was both firm and gentle and I was just really impressed.
I can see the road ahead now those two little boys seemed so similar, not only in age but also in their abilities. I know what Sturla has achieved the last six months and I am truly excited to see a glimpse of our next step.
They invited us to come again later and we eagerly accepted. It is essential to see how people are working elsewhere.

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