Monday, February 15, 2010

Catching snowflakes on the tongue

Going swimming in the many outdoors pools in our nearest vicinity is our favorite past time. Actually I love it so much that my kids are almost fed up. Everyone but Sturla.
As I worry about what he needs to learn and my dear hubby points out that he actually figures things out for himself too.
I had a fine example of that yesterday.
It was cold, it was past dinner time, it was dark as night and the steam rose from the pool as it started to snow. Not in a nice calm way but in windy bursts.
We floated in the hot tub and I watched Sturla sticking out his tongue trying to catch the snowflakes before they landed in the hot water. Then he looked at me and said. Want to go sledge.
As we dressed he struck up a conversation. I cannot describe it otherwise.
It went:
S: Dive...
me: huh?(as he often speaks unclearly and I had not heard him use that word before)
S: Little slide.. dive...
me: Oh you went on the little slide and you dove.
s: Yes.
And that was that.
Almost. I had him repeat the sentence in a whole phrase using the correct pronouns. Lol.
Always at it...
It was a really good trip to the pool.

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