Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blowing of steam

Thoughts are crowding in my head as I have more time to think.
Nothing in human relationships is without challenges. I have already run into different opions and the war between methods, teeach and speech pathologists are what is rubbing me the wrong way at this moment. The victim always being the child that needs help. Peoples egos and self esteem cloud their judgement. Instead of looking at how the fast the child can learn and trying to increase their learning speed and adaptability in every way they are more interested in controlling a situation in some way. The method or the way someone was once taught becomes a religion and a part of who that someone is.
I feel myself becoming increasingly impatient.
This narrow mindedness and, the actual issue that is plain hostility towards the method I have chosen to teach my child is making our life difficult. It should not be so. We do not need this crap.
I want to concentrate on my kids, my child with autism and on running an aba program and I have no time for other peoples egos.

I just need to blow off a little steam.

Friday, January 8, 2010


New play school
new year
new hopes
Sturla is adapting to the new play school. It is his first week. So far so good. Lunchtime is still hard, he prefers his quiet little chamber where he works on his own with T.
Many thanks to his aide and teacher. Our dear T that decided to apply for the job and be his teacher fulltime. I will miss having her here at home but I know it could not have gone better. Aba is her main interest hobby and work. I know what I am getting, she has been working at our house six hours a week for many months now and we get along, obviously.
It pays off to be a pain in the whatever...
Still, I am adjusting to my new self image. I have always wanted to be nice.. now I want to be a bulldozer.

I was getting very very tired waiting for the new school taking us aboard and doing 29- 34 hours a week as well as managing a household with five kids turned out to be too much. I know the meaning of burn out by now.
Burn out is not nice and does not fit the personality profile of a bulldozer.

I need a rest and for the next two weeks I am going to give that to myself. I have five wonderful hours now to myself by myself so to speak. I am of course not going anywhere and there will be no rest in Sturla´s program. But play school is on...

My other kids need time as well I see a lot of holes that need filling in. My six year old is clingy, my seven year old is whiny and my ten year old throws a tantrum. Only my witty and sarcastic teenage daughter seems to be sailing on in fair wind. Too far and too fast I often think.
But they are wonderful to their little brother. They are his strongest allies and they never give up in trying to get his attention.

Twice now Sturla has answered I do not know, to a question. This has not been taught directly so I am thrilled. To know what it is to know is complex concept.
I have a seatbelt
Lots of snow
and other statement that only serve the purpose of communicating have been popping up lately.

Next week we will go over and evaluate his program i can not wait I need a third party to tell us where we are at, and direct us where to go.

One more book
one more book
buying time as he does not want to go to sleep.
Crawling into his brothers bed and refusing to budge.
Asking me to go on a sledge trip.
Pointing out to me interesting thing and more sweet sweet things.
Laughing like a madman and stating that he is funny. Yes, he is indeed. And then I point out the laughing matter that is funny and he himself that is laughing, there is a difference and I know that he will get it in a while.