Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday party

What does a four year old with very narrow interests like for his birthday. A whole day without interruption on the computer is my guess. he does not even like his puzzles anymore. I am puzzled. I wish he would like a few more things, one or two perhaps.
Well he did not get that, still when he got that hazy look in his eyes and ran from chair to chair back and forth as the party wore on, I let him retreat to his favorite game. Spore, where he makes figures and travels in space, swims in hazardous oceans and laughs when his creatures dance and fall in love and lay eggs. He has imagination, I just do not have access to it, I am only an onlooker.
He enjoyed the singing at his party and sang with us and gave me that joyful look sharing his emotions, and he loved blowing out the candles, he liked opening the presents better than the actual presents.

He can answer, four years , when asked his age it took two weeks of practice to change three into four. I started long before his actual birthday.
I was adamant he was going to answer correctly at the right time. No more delays, we are going forward from now on. Stubborn mom. It is good that I have a patient child.

He drew a stick figure today, I was so happy I practically stuffed his mouth with his favourite crackers and asked him do to it again and again and again. Funny little stick figure there was no circle for a head, only two dots, nose, mouth and two stick legs dangling beneath.
What can I say, I have never been so happy with any stick figure before.