Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am too exhausted to write, but perhaps telegraphic style will work...
The plan for the following month is rechecking on gross motor imitation skills. that is more or less finished but needs to be kept fluent and needs more generalizing.

Following directions is finished as well but needs generalizing and he needs to understand directions that are general, not directed towards him directly. Group orders. After all there are four cubs in the house. Directions like. Boys put your shoes in order and so on, bring your plates to the kitchen. Just the same stuff his brothers do..

He knows all his colors but confuses blue and purple, but he is getting there. He is only four so that is not a big deal. He also confuses brown and green, that is a type of color blindness. my seven year old does the same he can not see the difference between grass and earth. I will continue with a few exercisis in blue and purple and that is it. We are done.

Building imitation is getting along and I can see ahead.. I just have to take care and not be too greedy when he is dooing well.

He is learning concepts like animals, clothing, furniture, food end such I do not have a feeling yet how he is dooing we are not that far along..

Prepositions is a struggle. Perhaps it should be halted. We already have spent to much time on it, I hate to give up. If it does not click the next two three weeks I will give it a rest.

Social questions. We plug along, we still have a long way to go in spite of our nice little moment a few weeks ago. It needs to become fluent.

Sequences. No problem in itself except when verbal and that is the big mountain, language. One descriptive sentence a day is more than enough. I really have to take care and not be greedy. Patience is the key word.

He is learning something new every day in every part of his program I still have no idea if that is good or great or average or whatever.
He asked a question though when his brothers ran ahead of him and disappeared rather suddenly, Where are the boys? And I know that is great. I might not hear another one for weeks or months but I now know that he can and someday will do it again.

I have found another play school, details will be revealed later....

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  1. Simply brilliant he is doing
    all your hard work is showing such great results