Friday, October 9, 2009

bubbles of hope

I adore data sheets. I love numbers and lists of newly learned things. I love this methodical way of checking and double checking that everything my son has learned is still there and it is not going away again. I am thrilled by this feeling of progress.
Better still is the way he answered me yesterday while I was cuddling with him and frankly not doing, consciously at least any therapy at all we were just cuddling nicely and I said, hello sweet boy and back came, hello sweet mama. I lost my breath. A few weeks ago he might have parroted my words back to me. We have actively been practicing social questions and answers. Like I am wearing blue trousers and he looks at his pants and says I am wearing this or that.
he is noticing his surroundings more and more. and in some way at least generalizing what he is learning.
Still I feel as my bubble of hope will burst any time.
Well no time for that sort of feelings. His ABA teacher in play school is sick so I have to drill him for the rest of the afternoon. Thankfully I have the ultimate motivation for work at hand the computer. I think he would learn how to fly just to get computer time.

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