Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One and a half year has passed, what an active blogger!
Sturla is coming along we have enrolled him in intensive aba therapie and his play school is providing 25 hours a week. That leaves 15 hours to divide between us his parents and a young university student that comes to our house three times a week for a two hour session.
that does not say much about how he is dooing.
I was scared in the beginning that it would be to strict, too much, just overwhelming for him for us for just about everything. But he thrives and he learns and I love seeing him master and learn new skills.

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  1. This is awesome
    Intervention is very good.
    They say 40 hours is perfect
    I am very curious about life in Norway - can you post some more pictures or do something like a Day in your life
    Something like my entry on June 15 2009 on my "Floortime lite blog "
    I would post the link but the comment form would not let me