Thursday, August 27, 2009

I feel kind of silly writing in english, my language is halting and there is ruptered flow in my sentences. On the other hand connecting to the english speaking world gives me some kind of , imagined or not, anonymity from my tiny society and language zone in the north.

Anyway. I wanted to share a lovely moment I observed in the car this morning driving my sons to school. We had music playing and Sturla sang as he could, trying to imitate the words and occasionally getting one or two especially in the end the way little children do when they have not learned how to speak. His seven years old brother chimed in and Sturla looked in his eyes and smiled when they sang together meow, and this repeated itself throughout this very silly song that described the sounds from emu´s and panda´s and other variously talkative animals.
It pleased me to see him connect with his brother and I long for the day that they will truly play together. Without prompts or payoffs.

At the moment I am ruthless. I give his older brothers treats to play with him. Sturla does not get any, he is organically grown and goes witout glutein and casein or any starch, additives and colourings, besides he does not like them anymore. He prefers fruits.
Look sweetheart, play with your brother a few minutes, show him that playing with kids is fun and you will get a tiny coloured piece of real sugar. I even treat every kid that comes to our house the same way. Everything to get him involved even for a few minutes. I am the ruthless candy mom.


  1. Wow I am soooo glad you started up again
    How awesome about how beautifully Sturla is doing !

  2. Your English is fine and I am glad you are ruthless, it's the only way! I hope you write more. How is your son doing? If that is his picture, he is lovely.