Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday party

What does a four year old with very narrow interests like for his birthday. A whole day without interruption on the computer is my guess. he does not even like his puzzles anymore. I am puzzled. I wish he would like a few more things, one or two perhaps.
Well he did not get that, still when he got that hazy look in his eyes and ran from chair to chair back and forth as the party wore on, I let him retreat to his favorite game. Spore, where he makes figures and travels in space, swims in hazardous oceans and laughs when his creatures dance and fall in love and lay eggs. He has imagination, I just do not have access to it, I am only an onlooker.
He enjoyed the singing at his party and sang with us and gave me that joyful look sharing his emotions, and he loved blowing out the candles, he liked opening the presents better than the actual presents.

He can answer, four years , when asked his age it took two weeks of practice to change three into four. I started long before his actual birthday.
I was adamant he was going to answer correctly at the right time. No more delays, we are going forward from now on. Stubborn mom. It is good that I have a patient child.

He drew a stick figure today, I was so happy I practically stuffed his mouth with his favourite crackers and asked him do to it again and again and again. Funny little stick figure there was no circle for a head, only two dots, nose, mouth and two stick legs dangling beneath.
What can I say, I have never been so happy with any stick figure before.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am too exhausted to write, but perhaps telegraphic style will work...
The plan for the following month is rechecking on gross motor imitation skills. that is more or less finished but needs to be kept fluent and needs more generalizing.

Following directions is finished as well but needs generalizing and he needs to understand directions that are general, not directed towards him directly. Group orders. After all there are four cubs in the house. Directions like. Boys put your shoes in order and so on, bring your plates to the kitchen. Just the same stuff his brothers do..

He knows all his colors but confuses blue and purple, but he is getting there. He is only four so that is not a big deal. He also confuses brown and green, that is a type of color blindness. my seven year old does the same he can not see the difference between grass and earth. I will continue with a few exercisis in blue and purple and that is it. We are done.

Building imitation is getting along and I can see ahead.. I just have to take care and not be too greedy when he is dooing well.

He is learning concepts like animals, clothing, furniture, food end such I do not have a feeling yet how he is dooing we are not that far along..

Prepositions is a struggle. Perhaps it should be halted. We already have spent to much time on it, I hate to give up. If it does not click the next two three weeks I will give it a rest.

Social questions. We plug along, we still have a long way to go in spite of our nice little moment a few weeks ago. It needs to become fluent.

Sequences. No problem in itself except when verbal and that is the big mountain, language. One descriptive sentence a day is more than enough. I really have to take care and not be greedy. Patience is the key word.

He is learning something new every day in every part of his program I still have no idea if that is good or great or average or whatever.
He asked a question though when his brothers ran ahead of him and disappeared rather suddenly, Where are the boys? And I know that is great. I might not hear another one for weeks or months but I now know that he can and someday will do it again.

I have found another play school, details will be revealed later....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bubbles burst every day

I have to find a new play school. My hope of securing 25 hours worth of therapy time is over finished, that bubble has burst. The reason is I am evidently not nice enough and people find me hard to work with. I have been mentioning the fact that my son is receiving on average seventeen hours instead of 25 once to often. So either I need a personality make over or a new play school. I wonder what is easier! I was going to blog about my days and routines and nice little anecdotes of my kids, but sorry this is all you get probably for a long time as I will again become my child's main therapist and that makes very little computer time for mommy.

Friday, October 9, 2009

bubbles of hope

I adore data sheets. I love numbers and lists of newly learned things. I love this methodical way of checking and double checking that everything my son has learned is still there and it is not going away again. I am thrilled by this feeling of progress.
Better still is the way he answered me yesterday while I was cuddling with him and frankly not doing, consciously at least any therapy at all we were just cuddling nicely and I said, hello sweet boy and back came, hello sweet mama. I lost my breath. A few weeks ago he might have parroted my words back to me. We have actively been practicing social questions and answers. Like I am wearing blue trousers and he looks at his pants and says I am wearing this or that.
he is noticing his surroundings more and more. and in some way at least generalizing what he is learning.
Still I feel as my bubble of hope will burst any time.
Well no time for that sort of feelings. His ABA teacher in play school is sick so I have to drill him for the rest of the afternoon. Thankfully I have the ultimate motivation for work at hand the computer. I think he would learn how to fly just to get computer time.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I feel kind of silly writing in english, my language is halting and there is ruptered flow in my sentences. On the other hand connecting to the english speaking world gives me some kind of , imagined or not, anonymity from my tiny society and language zone in the north.

Anyway. I wanted to share a lovely moment I observed in the car this morning driving my sons to school. We had music playing and Sturla sang as he could, trying to imitate the words and occasionally getting one or two especially in the end the way little children do when they have not learned how to speak. His seven years old brother chimed in and Sturla looked in his eyes and smiled when they sang together meow, and this repeated itself throughout this very silly song that described the sounds from emu´s and panda´s and other variously talkative animals.
It pleased me to see him connect with his brother and I long for the day that they will truly play together. Without prompts or payoffs.

At the moment I am ruthless. I give his older brothers treats to play with him. Sturla does not get any, he is organically grown and goes witout glutein and casein or any starch, additives and colourings, besides he does not like them anymore. He prefers fruits.
Look sweetheart, play with your brother a few minutes, show him that playing with kids is fun and you will get a tiny coloured piece of real sugar. I even treat every kid that comes to our house the same way. Everything to get him involved even for a few minutes. I am the ruthless candy mom.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One and a half year has passed, what an active blogger!
Sturla is coming along we have enrolled him in intensive aba therapie and his play school is providing 25 hours a week. That leaves 15 hours to divide between us his parents and a young university student that comes to our house three times a week for a two hour session.
that does not say much about how he is dooing.
I was scared in the beginning that it would be to strict, too much, just overwhelming for him for us for just about everything. But he thrives and he learns and I love seeing him master and learn new skills.

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is the starting blog. It will use mixed language. Some items will appear in icelandic while others will be in plain-old english.

The purpose of this blog is to record the progress of our son Sturla, who got preliminary diagnose on the autistic spectrum in April 2008, then at age 2 and 1/2. The diagnose was confirmed in October 2008.